Upcoming Shows

Thank you to everyone for giving
a listen and coming to our shows!
We are no longer active as a band,
but please follow our other projects:



(aka modular synth wizard)

Blank Paper @ No Pulp Music Night!

It's been a while -- Come listen, and/or have a LATE NIGHT RAGER!
Arlene's Grocery on the LES, May 18 @ 1AM 

Still Frame - "Step Into My Office" Video Shoot!

Just so you know, it's in the works... :)
We are working hard to record new material
and get live drums on some of our released songs.

For now, look at that wild hair!

TOMORROW! Free Show @ Rockwood II!

Come brave the cold... we'll get you moving :)

The Dream Team

Thanks for an awesome time at The Bitter End last night!! Mad props to our friend and great audio engineer, Austin Stillwell for filling in for visual artist Javier Cruz. We are fortunate - we got the dream team!!

And speaking of,
Here's a shot of Kassy Balli, a talented photographer jumping into the video world! She is shooting our first music video :D it will take some time to get it out to ya but we are extremely ecstatic!

Late Night @ The Bitter End - Friday Jan 18th

We're taking over The Village - first show of 2013!!!
Come get silly with us at 11:30PM on Friday, Jan 18th.

Here are the details :)


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